29 Mango Tree Avenue, Asylum Down, Accra, Ghana
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About Jean Gabin Agbovi


Hi, I’m Jean Gabin. I’m a therapist living in Accra, Ghana. West Africa. A medical and Therapeutic massage therapist

A certified Energy Therapist and worker specifically specialized in *Advance Pranic Healing* and *Pranic Psychotherapy*Crystal panic healing and therapy  and also *Pranic Psychic Self-defense* for your home ,office and properties.

For the best Feng Shui Practices and Pranic Crystal healing for your home and Office, look for me.

I offer some of these services distantly too! *Distance is not a barrier*.

Pranic healing takes good care of all your issues from normal aches,cold ,fever ,asthma,stroke,cancer and many more with just the hands and crystals.

Pranic Psychotherapy takes care of all emotional and psychological issues from stress to anxiety,depression,phobia,addiction,hysteria and possession by thoroughly cleaning the energy body and energy centers from all dirt ,negative emotions , thought forms.

Psychic self defense,protects and shield you ,your households and properties from all harm and dangers.

Feng Shui takes care of your proper and perfect directional energies for your better health and success.

I am a fan of fitness, yoga, and martial arts. I’m also interested in animals and reading. You can schedule an appointment with a click on the button above.