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About Pamela Sackeyfio

Director of RIMA Thera Touch (Physiotherapist)

I was born and spent my childhood in Ghana till the age of thirteen and then continued my Schooling in Germany.

Graduating from secondary school with the German Abitur, I attended the State School of Physiotherapy in Erlangen. Practical experience was valued as very important during my schooling. I specialized in Adult Bobath Therapy- a technique specific for treating neurological cases.

I have been a qualified physiotherapist for the past 14 years. In this period of time I have worked with stroke patients in a rehabilitation clinic in Germany using the Bobath concept. This concept is a problem-solving one, which means the therapist’s goal is to optimize functions needed in activities of daily life(ADL’S) such as sitting, standing on the impaired leg/foot, keeping their balance in every possible situation, walking and using their impaired arm/hand for every day activities.

I then moved to Ghana and have also been treating patients with neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and traumatic injuries. Neuromuscular meaning disorders affecting both the
nerves and the muscles i.e Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sklerosis and Myasthenia Gravia.

The Locomotor System, better known as the Musculoskeletal System, provides support, form, stability and movement of the body. The vascular, nervous and integumentary body systems are interrelated with the musculoskeletal system, so any disorder in one of these may also affect the musculoskeletal system and complicate the diagnosis of the disorder’s origin.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system mostly encompass functional disorders or motion discrepancies. Articular or joint disorders are the most common as in neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back , hip, knee and foot pain.

I enjoy helping patients retrieve their pain free life back! The human body needs attention and it is my duty to convey this message to the public.

My approach is a (W)holistic one because as Plato said: