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About Mark Sackeyfio

Massage Therapist, Taichi Instructor and Kinesio Tape Specialist

My massage journey started 2003 in Chiang Mai, Thailand; with Thai Massage. This is a brilliant relaxing and therapeutic massage system based on yoga-like-stretches, acupressure points and energy lines.

Realising the need to understand western anatomy and physiology behind massage, I enrolled in a medical college in Hamburg(Germany) in 2005. This medical massage course took two and a half years to complete. Combining school lessons with hospital and rehab internships, it was an
effective blend of theory and practice.

After graduation, I upgraded my qualifications with a course on medical lymphatic drainage.

Three years ago I discovered kinesiologic taping which I combine with my therapy at any given chance. Kinesiologic tape is a wonderful tool that compliments physical therapy effectively. I would encourage my clients to experience its benefits.

I also practice Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a positive holistic approach to life and health that has its roots in Tao philosophy and Chinese martial arts. I went to schools in München, Hannover, Heidelberg and Hamburg, but obviously like life, Tai Chi is a never ending story of evolving; thus I persevere in my training.

The fascinating effect of massage on the body is always satisfying to experience and I always say that massage for the body is like the necessity of oil in an engine.

Feel free to come and relax!